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Installation notes for the for PowerBuilder [R] Version 12.5 beta
(c) 1991-2011 Sybase, Inc. and its subsidiaries. All rights reserved.
Updated 4/14/2011
This file contains important installation information for the
PowerBuilder 12.5 beta common setup program.

Section I: Before you install
    Supported operating systems
    Required software
    Installing the PBVM
Section II: Running the setup program

Section I: Before you install
Beginning with the 12.0 release, PowerBuilder installs with two separate
IDEs. The familiar PowerBuilder IDE is rebranded as PowerBuilder Classic.
The new IDE is named PowerBuilder .NET.

To install PowerBuilder .NET you first need to install Microsoft .NET
Framework 4.0 that you can download from the Microsoft
Web site. The Visual Studio isolated shell 2010 and its Service Pack 1
are required for PowerBuilder .NET IDE. If you have an active Internet
connection, you can install both of them through installing PowerBuilder .NET
Prerequisites in PowerBuilder setup program.  If you prefer, you can also install
the isolated shell and its Service Pack 1 manually from the Support folder in the
PowerBuilder installation ZIP file before you run the PowerBuilder setup program.

This Beta release is available as a set of zip files on the download
page of the PowerBuilder 12.5 beta Web site:           Common setup program             SQL Anywhere 12.0              InfoMaker 12.5 Beta           PowerBuilder 12.5 Beta                      Contains setup program for PBVM                Contains supporting tools     

PowerBuilder and InfoMaker must be installed from the common setup
program. You can also install SQL Anywhere from the common setup program.

On 64-bit platforms, you must select the 32-bit driver manually when
installing SQL Anywhere 12.0. PowerBuilder 12.5 does not connect
SQL Anywhere 12.0 with the 64-bit driver.

Before you run the common setup program to install this release of
PowerBuilder 12.5, read this section carefully and make sure that
you have installed any required software.

Supported operating systems
This release has been tested on Windows XP with Service Pack 3, 
Windows Vista Business Edition with Service Pack 2, Windows 7
with Service Pack 1, and Windows 2008 with Service Pack 2 (only for PowerBuilder runtime). 

Required software
For software requirements for existing features, refer to the
installation guide for PowerBuilder 12.0 at

The use of .NET tools, the ADO.NET database interface, and .NET
Web services requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0.

The PowerBuilder .NET IDE requires .NET Framework 4.0.
It also requires the Visual Studio isolated shell 2010 and its Service
Pack 1. The PowerBuilder setup program can install
these for you, but you must have an active connection to the
Internet to enable the setup program to install .NET Framework 4.0. 

This release has been tested with SQL Anywhere 12.0. EAServer is
not compatible with the PowerBuilder .NET IDE. You can deploy components
to EAServer from the PowerBuilder Classic IDE only.

Installing the PBVM
If you install EAServer on a different computer from PowerBuilder, you
also need to install the PowerBuilder 12.5 version of the runtime DLLs
(PBVM) required by the components you are using on that computer. To
install the PBVM on a computer on which EAServer has already been
installed, you can run the PBVM setup program on that computer from
the PBVM directory extracted from

Section II: Running the setup program
You must have Administrator privileges to fully install this product.

1. Shut down any programs that are running.
2. If you want to use features that require SQL Anywhere, or
   Internet Explorer, install them before you install PowerBuilder.
   If you select SQL Anywhere in the common setup program, it is
   installed before PowerBuilder and InfoMaker. 
   NOTE: You must shut down any earlier versions of SQL Anywhere
   or Adaptive Server Anywhere engines that are running before
   installing SQL Anywhere 12.0.

3. Run the common setup program, select the components you want to
   install, and follow the instructions in the setup wizard.
4. When the common setup program completes, reboot your computer.

After installing, make sure that you have write access to the
PowerBuilder 12.5 installation directory and to the Windows Registry.

(c) 1991-2011 Sybase, Inc. and its subsidiaries. All rights reserved.
Sybase, Inc. and its subsidiaries ("Sybase") claim copyright in this
program and documentation as an unpublished work, versions of which
were first licensed on the date indicated in the foregoing notice.
Claim of copyright does not imply waiver of Sybase's other rights.
See Notice of Proprietary Rights.


This computer program and documentation are confidential trade
secrets and the property of Sybase, Inc. and its subsidiaries.
Use, examination, reproduction, copying, disassembly, decompilation,
transfer and/or disclosure to others, in whole or in part, are
strictly prohibited except with the express prior written consent of
Sybase, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

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