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PocketBuilder 2.5 Help
PocketBuilder 2.5 HelpPocketBuilder HelpOverviewThis Help system documents features of PocketBuilder. If the HTML Help navigation pane (with its Contents, Search, and Favorites tabs) is not visible, y
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PocketBuilder 2.5 Code Examples
PocketBuilder 2.5 Code Examples官方代码示例 PocketBuilder PocketPC Sample ApplicationsSample Data for SA-10     (Changed for 2.5) directory: SADemoData Since SQL Anywhere 10 is now
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any10-PPC发布文件包来源 PPB群:21368634   any10-PPC发布文件包 (1 folders, 1 files, 694 bytes, 7.70 MB in total.)any10 (2 folders, 1 files, 694 bytes, 7.70 MB in total.)anydir 
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PPB代码getdev_id来源 PPB群:21368634    成员 扬尘 PPB代码getdev_id(扬尘) (0 folders, 2 files, 142.68 KB, 142.68 KB in total.)getdev_id.pkl 142.00 KB 
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PPB代码pbGMapThis code example demonstrates how to use PowerBuilder with Google Maps through the Google Maps API. For this example to work, you will need to register and received a Google Maps API Key.
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phoneHome1phoneApi.The phoneApi is to be used to be able to connect a pda using RAS.There are 3 different projects.The code has been developed using evc 4.0 with sp2 aswell as evc 3.0 with sp2 to targ
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PocketBuilder 2.5 Crack
PocketBuilder 2.5 CrackPocketBuilder 2.5 注册机
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使用 Pocket PowerBuilder建立一個SalesDB 應用程式
使用 Pocket PowerBuilder建立一個SalesDB 應用程式这件文件的将透过一步步解说的方式,教您如何用Pocket PowerBuilder 建立并且布 署一个PDA 上的应用程式,完成这些步骤后,您将会了解Pocket PowerBuilder 更 多、更强大的功能及其中完整的Mobile Solution。 开 始 前 的 准 备 工 作 在开始和我们一起使用Pocket P
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PPB视频资料 pocket powerbuilde视频教程PKTutorial_01_code_example_non_db.wmvPKTutorial_1_HelloWorld.wmvPKTutorial_02_code_example_dw.wmvPKTutorial_4_first_db_app_1.wmvPKTutorial_4_first_db_app_2.wmvPKTutorial_
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PPB通过DW调用WEBSERVICE1. n_cst_Data.sru 是WebService对象, 需要建立一个WebService项目, 然后发布.2. test.rar是前端程序.来源 PPB群:21368634  行者无疆PPB通过DW调用WEBSERVICE (1 folders, 3 files, 10.92 KB, 283.72 KB in total.)n
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PrintPocketCE v3.51
PrintPocketCE v3.51PrintPocketCE - Prints Pocket Excel spreadsheets, Pocket Word documents, Emails, and more.PrintPocketCE - 打印Pocket Excel的电子表格,口袋里的Word文档,电子邮件,等等。PrintPocketCE v3.51 (0 folders,
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PPB代码 SMS-PB10提供  武功山 PPB代码 SMS-PB10 (0 folders, 7 files, 81.85 KB, 81.85 KB in total.)SMS.INI 73 bytesSMS.pbw 161 bytesSMSInterface.dll 28.00 KBsmstest.pbl 5
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soapif PocketSoap interface for Pocket PowerBuilderAbstractThis external DLL provides a simple access to the PocketSoap package. The model for the API is that first the service object is created
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手机短信息SMS程序开发技术文档集AT命令1.docAT命令.docCMS ERROR.docCoding 7 to 8.docFirst octet of the SM1.docPDU-Mode.docPDU格式.docSMS and the PDU format.docSMS程式开发.doc短信发送模式详解及其应用人员 系统分析员 王玲芳.doc利用手机模块实现短消息.doc如何用手机从电脑上
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ppc-ODBC-发布完整说明用PB2.5 开发的ODBC本地应用应该发布下列文件即可运行[any11]1 、在应用程序的文件夹里必须存在:  pkdwe25.dll, PKODB25.DLL,pkodb25.ini,pkvm25.dll2 、建立data 目录 存放DB文件3、 建立anywhere 目录存放      &nb
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PPB代码 Voice Recorder
PPB代码 Voice RecorderPPB代码 Voice Recorder (1 folders, 1 files, 694 bytes, 115.67 KB in total.)VoiceRecorder (0 folders, 7 files, 115.00 KB, 115.00 KB in total.)Thumbs.db 6.00 KB
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WEBCAMERA PLUS2.0 WebCamera Plus v1.05 Help Getting startedActiveSync ConnectionNetwork Connection(without ActiveSync)General settingsResolution and QualityVisual settingsScreen CaptureRecom
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WM5torage_18_Chs装个WM5torage就把PPC变成U盘了,随时和 电脑 交换数据而不需要同步 软件 。 直接复制到 手机 安装即可 WM5torage_18_Chs    (0 folders, 3 files, 37.82 KB, 37.82 KB in total.)WM5torage_18_Chs.CAB 37.11 KB
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PocketSoap interface for Pocket PowerBuilderAbstractThis external DLL provides a simple access to the PocketSoap package. The model for the API is that first the service object is created and you are
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DD-WRT架设WDS做覆盖的设置DD-WRT架设WDS做覆盖的设置。要达成WDS模式还有以下必要条件:1.两个无线路由器/AP都要支持WDS功能2.两个无线路由器/AP的SSID必须相同3.两个无线路由器/AP的无线网频道必须相同。默认值通常是“自动”,建议手动设置,确保相同的频道。4.两个无线路由器/AP都启动WDS功能,并相互注册对方AP的Wireless MAC address,以此作为组
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