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PocketBuilder源码列表 to Downloads | Online Documentation | Samples | FAQThis is an Open Source [MPL] SOAP client COM component for the Windows family, originally targeted at PocketPC (he
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PPB屏幕抓取源码PPB屏幕抓取源码 (1 folders, 1 files, 694 bytes, 245.69 KB in total.)1_1812_1 (0 folders, 7 files, 245.01 KB, 245.01 KB in total.)bitmap10.pbl 130.00 KBbitmap10.pbt 
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ppb代码sipdemo1ppb代码sipdemo1 (0 folders, 4 files, 121.29 KB, 121.29 KB in total.)sipdemo1.exe 59.00 KBsipdemo1.pkl 61.50 KBsipdemo1.pkt 110 bytes
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ppb代码serial_ioThis demonstrates various ways of using the serial ports on the PDA.Operating System APIs...For bi-directional file I/O we typically have to use low-level file access using the operating
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ppb代码PocketPrinterCEppb代码PocketPrinterCE (1 folders, 1 files, 694 bytes, 11.33 MB in total.)PocketPrinterCE (4 folders, 23 files, 315.34 KB, 11.33 MB in total.)PocketPrinter.cpp 
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ppb代码pocketHtmlViewerppb代码pocketHtmlViewer (0 folders, 4 files, 100.79 KB, 100.79 KB in total.)pbhtmlvwr.exe 40.50 KBpkhtmlvwr.pkl 59.50 KBpkhtmlvwr.pkt 113 bytes
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ppb代码pkShutDownApplication displays all running apps on your device.Choose an application and shut it down.pkShutDown was written using PKPBbeta2If you have any comments, please feel free to contact m
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ppb代码PKKeypressThis application displays all availablehardware buttons on your device.Written with PocketBuilder 2.0Feel free to contact me if you have any question:此应用程序显示所有可用在设备上的硬件按钮。附有PocketBuilde
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ppb代码pkfontdemoApplication draws its own (vertical) text on the window.pkShutDown was written using PKPBbeta2If you have any comments, please feel free to contact me: 应用程序绘制它自己的(垂直)在窗口中的文本。pkShut
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ppb代码pkflashcardApplication displays all other file stores (SD cards, CF cards)pkFlashCard was written using PKPBbeta2If you have any comments, please feel free to contact me: 应用程序显示所有其他文件存储(SD卡,
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ppb代码NetInfoThis sample uses a couple of winsock calls to:a) do a DNS lookup for yahoo.comb) retrieve the name of the local device (the PDA).This is also useful because if the PDAis NOT connected to a
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ppb代码draw image
ppb代码draw imageppb代码draw image (0 folders, 5 files, 225.37 KB, 225.37 KB in total.)draw.pbl 79.00 KBdraw.pbt 98 bytesdraw.pkl 145.50 KBdraw.pkt 98 bytes
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ppb代码CapiUse the Crypto API on your dataJust add the target to your workspaceTried it with PPC2003 emulatorWritten in PocketPB 1.5.1Questions: hamboeck@pocketpb.com您的数据上使用的加密API只要将您的工作区的目标试着用PPC2003模拟
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ppb代码 Rapi
ppb代码 Rapi RAPI 库由一组函数组成,这些函数可用于通过桌面应用程序管理设备,包括设备的目录文件、设备的注册表和系统信息。ppb代码 Rapi (0 folders, 3 files, 150.77 KB, 150.77 KB in total.)rapi.pkl 150.00 KBrapi.pkt 98 bytes
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ppb代码 Rapi
ppb代码 Rapi对开发移动应用程序有用的 RAPI 类方法。 方法说明Connect建立与设备的同步连接。CopyFileFromDevice将设备中的文件复制到 PC。CopyFileOnDevice将设备某个位置的文件复制到设备的另一新位置。CopyFileToDevice将 PC 中的文件复制到设备。CreateDeviceDirectory在设备中创建目录。CreateProcess启
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PPB WEBSERVICE模式PDA服务器端和客户端代码杭州  迷途羔羊 来源,PPB群:21368634PPB WEBSERVICE模式PDA服务器端和客户端代码 (1 folders, 1 files, 694 bytes, 19.33 MB in total.)pda (2 folders, 49 files, 18.58 MB, 19.33 MB in
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ppb2.0新增控件使用方法-倍力资讯 Pocket PowerBuilder 2.0新功能介绍 在印象中好像只有從事資訊行業的人才會無時無刻的注意外在資訊的變化,但隨著經濟與資訊的 在印象中好像只有从事资讯行业的人才会无时无刻的注意外在资讯的变化,但随着经济与资讯的 的快速發展與變動,渴求資訊的及時性與正確性已經不是只有所謂的資訊人才享有的權&
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PDA模拟机启动助手DEDeviceEmulator V8.0 启动助手 PDA模拟机启动助手DE (0 folders, 3 files, 33.34 KB, 33.34 KB in total.)DE.exe 32.50 KBDE.ini 162 bytes
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The Win-CE internal API for the Shell Notification (in aygshell.dll) issomehow messed up.  We think the _name_ is not properly exported, hence wecannot dynamically load and execute the function.T
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This example uses the totally free ZLib compression library. The website for ZLib is The regular Windows version zlib.dll contains functions for read/write of .zip files. Th
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