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The phoneApi is to be used to be able to connect a pda using RAS.

There are 3 different projects.

The code has been developed using evc 4.0 with sp2 aswell as evc 3.0 with sp2 to target ppc2002.
The projects does not contain a ppc 2002 target dll.

The destionation ,ras_GetDestinationCount and ras_GetDestinationName,functions uses the connMgr api on the pda to add the entry in the phoneBook to a destionation.
A destination is 'My ISP' or 'Internet'.

1. The Dll implementation for the api - phoneAPI.

 // ras functions
 ras_Connect.....................connect using an phonebook entry
 ras_IsConnected.................check status on connction
 ras_PhoneBook_CreateEntry.......create entry in phonebook
 ras_PhoneBook_DeleteEntry.......delete entry in phonebook
 ras_GetModemCount...............get no of modems
 ras_GetModemName................get a modem name
 ras_Connect2....................connect direct using parameters be implemeted
 ras_PhoneBook_EntryUserInfo.....set user/pwd/domain on an entry
 ras_GetDestinationCount.........get number of destinations
 ras_GetDestinationName..........get a destination name

 // util functions
 util_GetIpAddress...............get ipaddress of device
 util_GetDeviceSerialNumber......get device no
 util_GetUUID....................get device uuid
 util_GetMemory..................get memory free/used
 util_GetExePath.................get path to application
 util_GetPlatform................get platform pda is using

 // serial functions an serial port
 serial_ClosePort................close a serial port
 serial_Write....................write serial data serial data be implemeted
 serial_Coord....................get a long lat coordinate from a comport.

2. An example testing the api in eVC 4.0 phoneTester2003 to be run on Windows Mobile 2003
 the C button connects using an entry in the phonebook.
 the D button disconnects .
 the C2 button connects direct using an name, phoneno and pwd.

 the + button creates an entry in the address book.
 the - button removes an entry in the address book.

3. An example in PocketBuilder phoneHome that is also testing some device info functions
to get device serial number and ipaddress.

Copy the phoneAPi.dll and the phoneTester2003.exeto the \Windows directory on the device.

The pocketBuilder project is to be deployed using visual pocketbuilder.

Happy Coding
/Ola Gunnars



     Microsoft Foundation Class Library for Windows CE: phoneTester2003

AppWizard has created this phoneTester2003 application for you.  This application
not only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classes
but is also a starting point for writing your application.

This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that
make up your phoneTester2003 application.

    This is the main header file for the application.  It includes other
    project specific headers (including Resource.h) and declares the
    CPhoneTester2003App application class.

    This is the main application source file that contains the application
    class CPhoneTester2003App.

    This is a listing of all of the Microsoft Windows CE resources that the
    program uses.  It includes the icons, bitmaps, and cursors that are stored
    in the RES subdirectory.  This file can be directly edited in Microsoft
 eMbedded Visual C++.

    This is an icon file, which is used as the application's icon.  This
    icon is included by the main resource file phoneTester2003.rc.

    This file contains resources that are not edited by Microsoft
 eMbedded Visual C++.  You should place all resources not
 editable by the resource editor in this file.

    This file contains information used by ClassWizard to edit existing
    classes or add new classes.  ClassWizard also uses this file to store
    information needed to create and edit message maps and dialog data
    maps and to create prototype member functions.


AppWizard creates one dialog class:

phoneTester2003Dlg.h, phoneTester2003Dlg.cpp - the dialog
    These files contain your CPhoneTester2003Dlg class.  This class defines
    the behavior of your application's main dialog.  The dialog's
    template is in phoneTester2003.rc, which can be edited in Microsoft
 Developer Studio.


Other standard files:

StdAfx.h, StdAfx.cpp
    These files are used to build a precompiled header (PCH) file
    named phoneTester2003.pch and a precompiled types file named StdAfx.obj.

    This is the standard header file, which defines new resource IDs.
    Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ reads and updates this file.

Other notes:

AppWizard uses "TODO:" to indicate parts of the source code you
should add to or customize.

If your application uses MFC in a shared DLL, and your application is
in a language other than the operating system's current language, you
will need to copy the corresponding localized resources MFCWCXXX.DLL from
the Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ CD-ROM onto the system or system32 directory,
and rename it to be MFCLOC.DLL.  ("XXX" stands for the language abbreviation.
For example, MFCWCDEU.DLL contains resources translated to German.)  If you
don't do this, some of the UI elements of your application will remain in the
language of the operating system.


phoneHome1 (2 folders, 12 files, 310.11 KB, 3.64 MB in total.)
phonehome.ARM.CAB 82.96 KB
phonehome.ARM.DAT 320 bytes
phonehome.exe.ARM 19.00 KB
phonehome.inf 3.93 KB
phonehome.pkd 63.50 KB
phonehome.pkl 135.50 KB
phonehome.pkt 113 bytes
phonehome_makecab.bat 253 bytes
phonehome_setup.ini 1.10 KB
phonePB2003.pkw 167 bytes
ReadMe.txt 2.61 KB
PhoneAPI (2 folders, 15 files, 278.90 KB, 2.78 MB in total.)
Object.cpp 8.73 KB
PhoneAPI.cpp 16.30 KB
phoneApi.def 543 bytes
PhoneAPI.h 3.10 KB
PhoneAPI.vcb 137.00 KB
PhoneAPI.vcl 1.07 KB
PhoneAPI.vco 59.50 KB
PhoneAPI.vcp 23.07 KB
PhoneAPI.vcw 855 bytes
ppcSerial.cpp 17.13 KB
ppcUtil.cpp 8.00 KB
RasComp.cpp 1.88 KB
StdAfx.cpp 295 bytes
StdAfx.h 811 bytes
ARMV4Dbg (0 folders, 1 files, 694 bytes, 694 bytes in total.)
ARMV4Rel (0 folders, 9 files, 2.50 MB, 2.50 MB in total.)
PhoneAPI.dll 12.00 KB
PhoneAPI.exp 4.90 KB
PhoneAPI.lib 8.81 KB
PhoneAPI.obj 13.49 KB
PhoneAPI.pch 2.45 MB
ppcSerial.obj 6.44 KB
ppcUtil.obj 6.02 KB
StdAfx.obj 440 bytes
phoneTester2003 (2 folders, 22 files, 559.05 KB, 579.08 KB in total.)
About.cpp 2.16 KB
About.h 1.23 KB
newres.h 768 bytes
 304.95 KB
phoneTester2003.cpp 1.92 KB
phoneTester2003.h 1.40 KB
phoneTester2003.rc 10.18 KB
phoneTester2003.vcb 113.00 KB
phoneTester2003.vcc 4.24 KB
phoneTester2003.vcl 3.93 KB
phoneTester2003.vco 61.50 KB
phoneTester2003.vcp 11.22 KB
phoneTester2003.vcw 848 bytes
phoneTester2003Dlg.cpp 10.03 KB
phoneTester2003Dlg.h 1.88 KB
ppcUtil.cpp 3.13 KB
RCa03628 19.41 KB
ReadMe.txt 3.46 KB
resource.h 1.93 KB
StdAfx.cpp 213 bytes
StdAfx.h 1.02 KB
ARMV4Rel (0 folders, 2 files, 17.18 KB, 17.18 KB in total.)
phoneTester2003.exe 16.50 KB
res (0 folders, 4 files, 2.85 KB, 2.85 KB in total.)
phoneTester2003.ico 1.05 KB
phoneTester2003.rc2 425 bytes
toolbar1.bmp 718 bytes

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